Alpha Security

feel reassured.
You are alpha secured.

We provide an incredibly unique service to more remote areas of the UK: privately hired policing and patrols of both residential and commercial property locations.

Our goal is to ensure your property and its surrounding areas are kept safe and secure whilst we work in conjunction with, and in support of, the police and medical services.
Contact us now to find out if our service is available in your area or if you would like a tailor-made service provided to your property.
Round the clock assistance is available on all packages, with our highly qualified personnel able to be with you quickly, whether it is to secure the premises or even provide medical aid if required.
Not only does our service improve your quality of life but it is also completely cost-neutral – ensuring safety is never price-dependant.


The high level of training that is instilled in all of our personnel guarantees you complete confidence in our reliable service.

All Alpha Security operatives have a Door Supervisor or Close Protection Licence as a minimum requirement. All of our staff adhere to the governance provided by the SIA. In addition, we ensure that our patrol operatives are also equipped with the following:

– Crime Prevention training.
– FPOS (first aid).
– Fire Prevention.


  • Our mobile patrol service offers a cost effective, highly visible & efficient solution acting as a deterrent to criminal activities such as vandalism, burglary and theft.
  • This service acts as a great deterrent to criminal activities such as vandalism, burglary and theft.
  • Staff are recruited locally so that they have a detailed knowledge of their patrol areas.
  • Roving patrols are conducted as well as regular site walk-through’s to check for any suspicious activity or signs of damage to your property.
  • All operatives are uniformed in high-visibility wear to enable a conspicuous presence on your site.
  • All staff receive regular, ongoing training and adhere to lone worker, incident and procedural policies to ensure the job is carried out to the highest technical standards.
  • All patrol vehicles are equipped with the most relevant equipment and latest technology.
  • Our integrated report tools allow us to determine the best and most effective times to conduct patrols – either predetermined or varying.