The challenge of selling Energy in the current market

If Carlsberg were creating a product to sell in Summer 2022, there’s no chance on earth it would be energy. Following unprecedented times during the pandemic, we seem to be sailing further into uncharted waters with energy supplies. There have been very few times in commercial history where a salesperson is talking to businesses with the offer of one price for today and a contract that will secure your prices because the price will have risen tomorrow. And it really will go up – and up. These are exactly the types of conversations that our sales teams are having and we’re talking to a lot of people for whom energy prices is a real concern. 

From our perspective, we’re lucky to be talking to savvy business owners and decision makers that understand the ‘energy crisis’. In fact, they know that this crisis is something that we’ll have to deal with for the foreseeable future and they are all too aware that the price of energy is only going to rise. The quicker agreements can be made, the less of an increase they’re going to face in terms of their energy bills.

Let’s be honest, no business that renews their energy contracts in 2022 will make a saving. That’s just not on the table for anyone, anywhere. Right now, it’s all about protecting the best price that you can get right now and locking it in a fixed deal. It will secure your energy outgoings now and ensure that you will make energy savings in the future. Dealing with a company such as Alpha Energy, our market-beating prices are helping companies – even more than we’ve ever been able to before.

Despite current conditions, our energy sales team are some of the busiest people in the office as they work to secure contracts with energy providers for our customers. Ensuring that business owners and planners are getting the best possible rates, our deals enable our clients to plot their exact energy expenditure up to the next 5 years.

Helping our clients save money is nothing new for Alpha Solutions. It’s what we love and it’s what we do best. However, the savings that we’re locking in for our clients are looking better and better every day. We can’t reduce the amount of money that you’re spending on energy right now, but we can stop it from getting any worse – and we can keep it that way for years to come. Working with Alpha Energy to secure your spend on energy is proving hugely popular and highly effective. Our educated business owners understand that the price of energy is not going to decrease any time soon and they see the opportunity to plan their energy spend with Alpha Energy is a prudent way to manage their finances.

Let’s See How the Numbers Stack Up

A manufacturer, based in the South East of England, has seen a 95% increase in energy bills over the last 6 months. It’s predicted that, over the next 18 months, they’ll see further increases that will see them experience an increase of 245% on their 2021 prices.

Fortunately, Alpha Energy has been able to lock them into rates that are set for 3 years. It means that, while they will have an 80% increase on their energy costs, that’s nothing when compared to their predicted bills. It’s a massive ‘future saving’.

Another future savings example is office space businesses with commercial buildings up and down the country. They’ve been quoted numerous times with a 155% increase. With our savvy energy deals, Alpha Energy has been able to lock them with a 5-year deal, with only a 95% increase.

When will it stop?

There is a zero likelihood of waiting these increases out. Predictions and forecasts are returning ever higher numbers and there’s simply no way that these will come down. If anything, these figures will be here for the longer term, and this isn’t a short, sharp shock that businesses can hope to weather.

What’s Your Forecast Looking Like?

Too scared to look? Don’t blame you. But it could save you thousands in the long run. 

We’re encouraging all of our businesses to spend some time – today – to look at your energy option, this is an extremely busy time, but energy supply has to be now made a priority in any business. As talked about in the Sunday Times this weekend, around 70% of SME’s renew their fixed term deals in October which is a legacy of privatisation, and these businesses will be having very difficult conversations when they try and renew this year. Make sure that Alpha Solutions is on your list of providers. We really are keen to help you lock in savings that could save the day in the long term. Get in touch and we’ll show you your best options and work with you to lock your savings down now.

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