Business Focused, Lifestyle Driven

Alpha seamlessly brings together two different aspects of our business to create a fabulous community of members and outstanding business opportunities. Often asked how we do it, we’re happy to share the secret of our success – it’s our members.  

Alpha Solutions is our Business Services Group that deals with corporate affairs and Alpha Club, our elite Private Members Club, takes our members all over the world to catch life’s must-see moments. We connect at balls, galas and intimate drinks. We connect as a group while we’re exploring the world and we understand how to make things happen.

At Alpha, relationships are everything. We’re not shy about that either. In order to make sure that you can get just reward from your membership experience, we work hard to make sure that you’re in the room with the right people. We’ve been nurturing partnerships for years and our standards are sky high. That’s why our members can expect the best from their Alpha experience.

One element of Alpha membership that helps members to expand on possibilities and opportunities lies in our Club events. Strategic in nature and organisation, Club events let us spend time talking to our members. It means that we know exactly what they need and how we can help to meet their needs head on. We’re then able to support them in achieving their goals through business services and innovative solutions that help to alleviate everyday problems – both business and personal – so they can focus on making smart and impactful business decisions.

For members, it’s an opportunity to meet qualified clients and maximise on opportunities that have been placed in easy reach. As well as bringing the right people together, the Alpha team is astute at creating the right atmosphere for relaxed but powerful conversations to happen. As well as setting the scene, we make sure that all of our senior advisers and management team are on hand to help and advise, bringing a wealth of commercial knowledge and nous to the table.

It’s often said that it’s not just what you do but how you do it that makes the difference. At Alpha, we couldn’t agree more. We set the scene and create the backdrop with a series of events that facilitate easier working together for mutual benefit and advantage. But that’s very much up to each member to decide what’s right for them. Some members love to be at the heart of every event. Others like to drop in when they’re able. Everyone is welcomed equally and all members know that they can turn to Alpha at any time for support and advice – and they regularly do. 

We are dedicated to helping and supporting our members to make the most of their Alpha experience, wherever and whenever that may be, from a thoughtful chat in Las Vegas to a beer with a view in the French Alps. We create opportunities for our members to thrive.

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